My favourite Animal

  • My favourite animal is a dolphin, because they are so cute, friendly and smart. They are marine mammals and carnivores, eating mostly fish and squid.

  • Dolphins are well known because of their playfulness. Often you can see them in groups leaping high out of the water and doing flips, because they are very fast and good at swimming.

  • According to some new researches, dolphins my have animal kingdom's best memory.Dolphins think and speak very quickly and get bored by simple tasks. They like challenging problems.

  • They sleep two or three hours a day, because they need to be on the alert for predators.

"I hope that all dolphins can be free and safe. They should be able to be free in the oceans."


  • Here, you can find an amazing dolphin video. This dolphin video is breathtaking. If you've never seen dolphins up close on camera like this, then you are in for a real treat.

Enjoy it !!!

Amazing Dolphins Video