Remigio Rojas
(Action Verbs Games)

Anabella Bravo:*
(Halloween vocabulary game)
(Family vocabulary game)

Fabiola Tapia
(Find Christmas gifts for children)


(Kill fake Santas and find the hidden word)

(Food Vocabulary: Get crazy buying in the supermarket)

(Math Game: Angles mission)

Rodrigo (Food Game)

Glaucia Keys
(Family vocabulary game for noobies, intermediates and pros.)
(Food game)

Mary Peace

(Flash Quiz Pronouns - Am, Are, Is)


Andrea Game about colors
Game about food and drinks


Memory game
This game is really entertaining, especially for little kids. It can be adjusted to high school students as well; it will depend on the content they are seeing.
The color game

This is definitely a game for kids. It is very interesting and useful to teach the colors. It is thought for teaching a specific content, so I don’t know if it could be adjust.

Camila Daza
In this page you can find a lot of games to learn vocabulary that are very funny for kids and there are a lot of options to play.

Maria FranciscaFACE MAKER GAME” __

Drag and drop the items to make a new face according to the description! A game to practise the parts of the face (hair, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, lips...).

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Michelle(Food Game for Learning Vocabulary)

Find the following food items in the kitchen! A game to practise food vocabulary (fruit, vegetables, drinks, meat, desserts...). image 40P4LhGbdhWoGJ6_4nbXRVaz4RxKXHUceqRmYYoR9D5AyHg_0hJBNbww4l-Io9bVyvBa1jcybHaN6lnkd3Ovt2DRax3_22Ct32Hen_1AL3oviV_b3G98WjyR-Qexternal image KmNMqYWR3sWjFO-OEbaXYxpOFs29tIpWDbKNa0xsnhquab__7kMpUzanWtkaMmEDz1I_9X2OszLdAMo4Rm4_XEOPxmYl9ie_e1J6YRdpSn9Hjfq8-czXnZPq8Q
Viviana Rojas de styles
Clothing vocabulary game. Super fun!

The parts of the body:
Interactive site for vocabulary practice. There are other topics and other languages, too!