a dialogue using

Here are the instructions:
- The dialogue should have 10 lines or more.
- It should contain proper vocabulary for children.
- The time limit will be defined automatically.
- You are required to type the dialogue (script) in another document and upload it.
- When you finish, embed your video and script here.

*If you need to see some examples, take a look here

"Im putting on waight" By Remy
Losing waight by remy16 on GoAnimate

Zunila Zuleta (AllisonMcintyreJones)
Cavancha by belacaresse on GoAnimate

Andrea Hernandez (andreaguajira)

I want my donuts now! by andreaguajira on GoAnimate

Anabella Bravo (animilian)
Healthy life style in the jungle by animilian on GoAnimate

Camila Daza (camidz)

Cold afternoon by dazacamila on GoAnimate

Camila camiruan (camiruan)
Carlos Neguiman (carlosneguiman)

Camila Michea (cmicheac)

Cristian Gonzalez (cristiangonzalez18)

Diana Zambrano (dianagenesiszambrano)
why are you happy today? by dianacarmenzambrano on GoAnimate

Diego García (diegojpgr)

Fabiola Tapia (fabitc)

Remigio? genesisGlaucia Ortiz (GlauON)

Jefferson Justo (jeffjusram)
My Cousin the Owl by jeffjusram on GoAnimate

Kilmeny Camejo : (Kilmeny1)

Ma Francisca Rodríguez: (mafra23)

Teacher´s Birthday Party by mafrancisca23 on GoAnimate


Marcos Godoy: (marcosgodoy)

Nowaday's Kids by kakoak-47 on GoAnimate


Ma Paz Mendez: (MaryPeace)

Rock the house by Mary Peace on GoAnimate


Class information.

Michelle Lopez: (Mi.chelle)
Real friends by Michelle3012 on GoAnimate


Explanatory Chart

Muriel Rodriguez (murielrl)

Carmen Flores (NegritaFlores)

Job Conversation by MorenaMad on GoAnimate

NicoleMaureira (nicolemaureira)

??? (pilotst)

Rodrigo Perez (roperezparra)

Sergio Ahumada (sergioahumada)

First Encounter by sergioahumada on GoAnimate

Viviana Rojas (virojasmo)