Butterflies are beautiful insects that like to fly over flowers, gardens and ponds. What most calls people's attention about them is the colourful design of their wings.

  • Lifecycle of butterflies

Butterflies are not born such as. They have to go through many stages before becoming a wonderful and colorful insect. In fact, there are four stages in the butterfly's life cycle:

1° Egg
butterfly egg.jpg

2° Caterpillar


3° Chrysalis (Pupa)

4° Adult butterfly


Watch the butterfly's lyfe cycle:

  • Butterflies' species

There are many types of butterflies all over the world. These are some of them:

Monarch Butterfly
monarch B.jpg

88 Butterfly

Goliath Birdwing Butterfly
goliath birdwing.jpg

Blue Morpho Butterfly
Blue morpho.jpg

Buckeye Butterfly

  • Appreciate better the butterfly's flight in this slow motion video:

  • Webgraphy:

If you want to know more about the butterfly's life cycle or species, visit these websites: