One important skill that teachers need to develop is choosing the right material, or webpages to be more specific in this case. What do we need the page for? Is it atractive for our students? Is it updated? Is it reliable?
The rubric presented here is an effective approach to make good decisions when we need to choose web resources for our students. Thanks to Tammy Payton for the rubric.


A wiki is a collaborative website with a common goal. Wikipedia is a wiki. Thousands of people contribute to it. One characteristic of a wiki is the integration of hypertext. In your wiki, you had to choose an animal, write some original text, add a picture and an embedded video from youtube. You also have to link your site to other relevant sites inside the wiki, and make your contribution.

The grading criteria to be considered is explained here:

  1. Content: original content, or cited, valid for text and photographs.
  2. Organisation: Font size and colour: Trebuchet 130%
  3. Attractiveness: Combinations of colour of text and their functionality (is it clear to read?)
  4. Contribution:
    • You need to create a page together with a group of classmates in order to group your individual pages under certain classifications (mammals, insects, birds, etc.)
    • Add the links to the pages you chose and your PPT to the page "Assessing websites."
    • Make free contribution in any other section, at least a link.
  5. Accuracy: The content needs to be clear, complete and free of error.

The following rubric will be used to assess student's work: click here
Source: International Reading Association:

WORKSHOP 3: Creating Cartoon with Your Students
Cartoons have always been a source of amusement for children of all ages. All of us had favourite cartoons and many of us still watch them! In this workshop we will be able to explore the use of the tool Go!Animate to create cartoons for our students and with our students.

Here are the instructions:
- Choose the simple kind of cartoon.
- Create a 10-line dialogue for our characters. It should make sense and also contain proper vocabulary for children!
- You are required to type the dialogue (script) in another (text) document and upload it.
- When you finish, upload your video and script here.
- Add a descritpive chart with relevant information, such as the age it is aimed at, the vocabulary, the level, etc.

1- The script does not have grammar or puntuation mistakes. 0-1-2-3
2- It has proper vocabulary for children. 0-1
3- The script has 10 lines of dialogue. 0-1-3
4- Meets the deadline. 0-1-2
5- Video was embeded in the website of the class. 0-1
6- The script was uploaded as a separate file with a link below the correspondign video. 0-1-2

Good luck with it!

Obama and his pal by juanchamorro on GoAnimate

WORKSHOP 4: Storytelling and creative writing.

Create a 10-page story based on images provided by this webtool. Make sure you follow the instructions given, as well as the due date. The minimum amount of words will be 150.

When you have finished your stories, upload them to a blog (yes, you will create a blog)

When you put this in your blog, follow this format please:

  1. Teacher's Name:
  2. Name of Project:
  3. Student's age and English command: (basic, intermediate, advanced?)
  4. Goals (Objectives):
  • Conceptual
  • Procedural
  • Attitudinal

[embedded content here]

Instructions for students:


  1. Teacher's Name: Juan Chamorro Arenas
  2. Name of Project: Many Cats
  3. Student's age and English command: Teenagers, intermediate English.
  4. Goals (Objectives):
  • Conceptual: Students will practice the past tense and other tenses.
  • Procedural: Studens will read and create their own stories about adventures.
  • Attitudinal: Students will reflect on responsible parentship.

Instructions for students:
Read this story and answer the questions. After you answer the questions, create your own stories.

1- Why did Camila leave home?
2- Who did she leave the kitties with?
3- Why was Camila alone?

Please use the discussion section at the end if you have comments or questions...